“Morning” Sickness Study

I put “morning” in parentheses in the title because, if you’ve ever had it, you know it doesn’t just come in the morning…it’s ALL day!  Some man wanting his wife to have a million kids must have termed it “morning” sickness to help her warm up to the idea of going through it over and over!  (With this said, I’ll happily be pregnant again and again!) 

An article in the Daily Mail (a British news website below) says women who suffer from morning sickness have babies with higher IQs.  Since I had AWFUL morning sickness for the first trimester, hopefully all that nausea, vomiting and exhaustion will pay off with a smart kid!  Also if you have bad morning sickness, according to an old wives tale it’s a girl.  Well, I had a boy and so did a friend of mine who was hospitalized her morning sickness was so bad!   It was all worth it for both of us!  The full article is below: 


I told my husband about the article, he says I was so sick we very well may have a Copernicus on our hands!  Don’t you think he was worth it?

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