Update: Free Bone Marrow Donor Kits


Yesterday during our morning show and midday show we talked about helping save lives by registering to be a potential bone marrow donor.  If you order the kits from www.marrow.org  it’s $52.  We got some emails from people wanting to register but couldn’t swing the cost. 

Remember you can order a kit, once you receive it swab your own mouth (above), mail it back in and you’re done!   

The brother of Dr. Anh Reiss who needs a bone marrow stem cell donor, emailed these tips on how to get those kits for free or at a discount: 

“Since minorities are so under represented, the kits for them (all or partial minority) are subsidized and free. Since the kits are expensive and Caucasians make up the most in the database, that is why www.marrow.org  charges.

Most of the time, if you visit a dedicated center or drives, the registration and kits are free.  I know Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center in Houston does them for free for everyone.  www.giveblood.org  or call (713) 790-1200 

If people go to marrow.org, they use a promo code system for lowering or even registering the donors for free.”  They are setting up that code now, when it’s active I’ll put it on the blog.

There are other ways to help too.  You can volunteer at a bone marrow drive  or organize one yourself.  If you’re interested in helping, email me and I’ll put you in contact with the appropriate people.

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