Diet Myths & Truths

Snyderman-N[1]Don’t get bogged down with old wives-tales and wrong, but widely accepted, ideas about dieting.  This morning NBC News health guru Dr. Nancy Snyderman talked briefly about diet mthys and truths and told us about her new book on the subject.  We also talked about some recent health news like the government’s attempt at health care reform and a new study on restaurant salt.

Click here to watch our interview with the Doc.


Chances are, if you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you’ve probably been a victim of one of the following diet myths:

Myth #1: Your Weight Is Your Fault
Myth #2: Your Body Shape Doesn’t Matter
Myth #3: Calories Don’t Count
Myth #4: Carbs Are Bad for You
Myth #5: Carbs Are Good for You
Myth #6: Diet Drugs Are a Magic Bullet
Myth #7: Dieting Is All You Need to Lose Weight
Myth #8: Supplements Will Make You Thin and Happy

But here are some surprising truths:

Truth #1: A bulging belly now could mean dementia later.
Truth #2: Bananas are a great diet food
Truth #3: Fast foods aren’t off limits
Truth #4: You don’t really gain much weight over the holidays
Truth #5: There is a way to spot reduce
Truth #6: Yo-yo dieting won’t wreck your metabolism
Truth #7: You don’t automatically pack on pounds when you get older
Truth #8: Chocolate is your friend while dieting

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