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Two-Headed Cow
July 31, 2009

Beautiful, isn't she? The owner thinks so.

Beautiful, isn't she? The owner thinks so.

A rare but not unheard of story: A cow with two heads and one brain.  The story about “Jennifer” comes from Bogota, Colombia.  Click here to read more and see video.

Kim Jong Il of The South!
July 30, 2009

He needs to lose some weight and act a little more aggressive, but this South Korean dude does an incredible impression on North Korean tyrant Kim Jong Il.

7 Year-Old Avoids Church But Not The Cops
July 29, 2009

Did you hear about the kid who stole the family car because he didn’t want to go to church?  Cops started chasing him, not because he was 7 years old, but because he ran a stop sign and hit another car at an intersection.  Wait ’til you hear where he tried hide and how cops caught him…

Click here to watch the story and read more from a local Fox affiliate in Utah.

Michael Jackson’s Hair Will Be Turned Into Diamonds
July 28, 2009

That’s what a Chicago diamond company is planning to do — extract carbon from Jacko’s hair and refine it into diamonds! At least that’s the report from the NY Daily News.
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Timelapse: House of Cards Built… Then Destroyed
July 28, 2009

Here’s the video of it getting destroyed… sorry forgot the link earlier. And that’s the best part.  Unless you’re the dude who built it.