Obama & Sarkozy: Boys Will Be Boys!


Prez Barack Obama and French Prez Nicolas Sarkozy checking out a young lady's derriere at the G8. Click the pic for more.

To be fair, that’s just a snapshot, a moment in time, and who really knows what Obama and Sarkozy are seeing or thinking.  There’s video that provides a different perspective…




2 Responses

  1. LOL

    the power of a captured moment…

    looking at the video from which the photo was taken, all will (or should) realize that he was looking back for the hand of the young lady behind him to help her get down the steps.

    still, i can’t wait to see the captions people put on this one…

  2. Don’t let the media fool you, people. Watch the entire clip. Sarkozy obviously looks “guilty” – but Obama is clearing focusing his gaze downward, and his attention at helping the woman behind him – like any good, classy gentleman (or morning anchor) might do. Ain’t that right, OC? 🙂

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