Countless Moons In One Shot!

Every year, thousands in Orange County, CA drop their draws, displaying their derrieres to a passing Amtrak train. It stared on a single dare 30 years ago, and has grown to an estimated 10,000. The cops are starting to, pardon the expression, crack down on the event. Thanks for watching.
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Bum’s rush: Fans line up to show their rears to the speeding train

Los Angeles TV station KTLA has video, click here to see the story.


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  1. Wow, I bet BOTH of Amtrak’s passengers hated that!

  2. I wonder what the dude in the black shirt could possibly be talking about on the cell phone….

  3. Sloan – you’re funny. 🙂 I don’t know about anybody else, BUTT I’m seeing a resemblance of the cell phone mooner to a local morning anchor.

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