Don’t Chase Crooks At Work


Troy Schafer chased a crook and got canned.

Last month, we heard about a Randall’s grocery store worker in Texas who chased down a purse snatcher.  The Army veteran got fired for it.  Now, the story of a Seattle bank teller who chased down a robber and held him until the cops came.  He got fired too.

In the Randall’s case, the employee broke company policy which is meant to keep workers and customers safe.  In the bank case, the bank itself isn’t commenting but law enforcement discourages putting your life in danger over money that’s federally insured.

Both are good arguments, but couldn’t the employees at least have gotten a warning instead of straight-up canned?  Firing the workers seems harsh for violating a policy that’s less conspicuous to, lets say, what to do with a jammed copy machine.

The lesson, I guess, is to do your job and nothing more.  Or leave enforcing the law to law enforcement.  Or simply to keep your hands to yourself.


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  1. Do you job and nothing more
    Or you will be shown the door
    To catch a crook
    Ain’t in our book
    So what do you think you’re here for?

    what a pity.

    Reminds me right after Hurricane Katrina, and the abysmal recovery process in New Orleans. Crime was so rampant, and the police so impotent and/or apathetic, we even had new N.O.P.D. (New Orleans Police Deparment) T-shirts showing up in the markets:

    N.O.P.D. = Not Our Problem, Dude

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