Miley Cyrus Poll Dancing?

Am I getting old or is this a bit shocking?  Miley Cyrus (16) danced around a poll at The Teen Choice Awards over the weekend.  article-0-06027C6B000005DC-772_468x652 

She did win 6 awards not for the poll dancing but for The Hanna Montana Show, songs and movies.



2 Responses

  1. Didn’t watch the Teen Choice Awards (will probably be repeated over & over) but, I think this is so wrong! She’s an “idol” to many little girls – so I guess sex sells at any age?

  2. Sheesh! Miley was already 25 as a pre-teen. Fine parenting skills by Billy Ray and Ma Cyrus. And here I just banned my 17 yr old daughter from Facebook for not following through with some simple household tasks. Guess I ought to be grateful she’s not being viewed by millions – gyrating in her stilettos. Wait. Maybe I should check out her pics on Facebook. 🙂

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