Wrinkles? Kate Moss has got ’em

Don’t feel bad if you looked in the mirror this morning and cringed at your crow’s feet…even supermodels have them.  Not in the photos you see in magazines, they airbrush those enough to make a shar-pei dog look smooth as glass!   

Here’s supermodel Kate Moss like we usually see her, smooth and beautiful.  She’s only 35.



Here’s her at the beach recently.  She loves the sun and cigarettes.


After seeing this, I personally feel much better about the bags under my eyes and my smile lines which have grown since my son was born.  I smile constantly at him like a silly person now!…except when he’s only letting me sleep 3 hours a night!


3 Responses

  1. Oh my! I’m going to put my sunscreen on now!

  2. Oh my is right! And I thought I looked bad without makeup, but are we sure this is really her? (Note the teeth and eyebrows). Sun and smokes will certainly do some major damage, though – no matter who you are – male or female.

  3. I don’t think that is her. Look at the shoulders etc. That woman is too heavy to be Kate. Looks more like Pam Anderson!

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