Why you should play the lottery tonight!

The new Four Seasons in Florence, Italy sure doesn’t look like the global economy has taken a hit.  My good friends are going to Italy next month, they aren’t staying there but I told them they should go visit the place.  Here’s why:


(disclaimer:  if you’re not Oprah or royalty from a rich land you probably can’t stay here!)

The Gardens.  11 acres of true Italian bliss!  You have to stay in the hotel to get to access to the “grounds.” 


 By the way, the rates are roughly $900-1,200 a night.  I checked and next weekend they do still have availability!


 Check out their suite (below)!  Della Gherardesca Suite (Royal Suite)


Another view of the suite (below)  Look at that ceiling!!!!  (Gasp)


Their food looks good, too.  I’m not sure what this is, but I’d eat it!


What luxury hotel would be complete without a winery? (below)


The Spa.  I checked their prices on-line.  A 75 minute swedish massage is roughly $214 today.  For the same price you can have a:

(from their website)

“Chianti relax

Exclusive to Four Seasons, this massage is reminiscent of the beauty within the Tuscan hills as the warm, rich fragrance of Chianti wine envelops your senses. An oil blend of grape extracts improves circulation, leaving your skin revived, rejuvenated and glowing from head to toe.”


Here’s a spa villa.  I wish my bathroom looked like that.  I’ve never seen a tub like that.


Speaking of bathrooms, this is what they look like in the hotel rooms.  Those candlesticks are so pretty!


The sites of Florence.



By the way, if you’re dying to stay at this luxurious hotel we don’t endorse gold digging, robbing a bank or selling your car and home to afford it.

However, tonight’s (8-14-09)  Texas megamillions jackpot is worth an estimated 146 million!  I think that’s enough to get you in Hotel Firenze…you could probably buy it with that!

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