A 4-door Porsche Sedan (Better win the Lottery!)

No one won Friday night’s $146 million dollar Mega Millions jackpot, so you could still be in the running for $170 million tonight (8-18-09)!


If you’re wondering what the heck you would buy if you won all that money, Porsche now has a 4 door sedan.  If you’re wondering if it comes in a turbo, it does! 


So how much of your winning lotto payout will you have shell out for this beauty?  The basic Panamera versions run from 89,800 to 132,000. 

I did the online “build your own” Panamera online function.  After adding a custom paint job, better rims, two toned interior, and a rear windshield wiper the grand total was $139,000.  A drop in the bucket for a $170 million dollar lotto winner.  We can all dream, right!

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