Toilet Seat Prank; Inefficient Multitaskers; ATM Slang

An Australian man got glued to a toilet seat in the mall; humiliated and hospitalized by the “sick joke.” Click here to read more.

Pick one or the other!  Multitaskers generally stink at mutlitasking.  Click here to read more about the new study.

If an ATM could talk, it would tell me “insufficient funds.”  But in London, they’re reading slang.  The machine doesn’t read the card, but the customer’s “bladder of lard.”  Click here for more cockney fun!


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  1. You and her are the BEST morning news team in Houston. She EXCITED and INTERESTED, acts like she not want to NOT be there, and you have GREAT VOCAL CHORDS in throat. You not NOT funny and not NOT good.

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