What is Playgirl thinking?

Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin’s baby daddy is taking it all off for Playgirl Magazine.  Begging the question, what is Playgirl thinking?  His “rep” says they haven’t worked out all the details yet but he will be in the magazine soon.  US Weekly is reporting the magazine will be out by the end of the year.  He’s currently unemployed so he has plenty of time to work out 6 nights a week to “buff” up for the photo shoot.  He’s working out with a trainer for 3 hours a day! 



Another news organization today reported Levi getting naked for Playgirl could look bad for Sarah Palin’s reported run for The White House in 2012.  Really?  A candidate’s daughter’s choice in boyfriends when she’s in high school affects a presidential campaign?  Glad my mother never ran for anything!  I dare say his pictorial in a magazine that no one reads in 2009 will be remembered in 2012…other than for a good water cooler laugh.

Click here to vote on whether you want to see him and from which angle.  Gross.

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