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Bizarre Headlines for Thursday 1/21/2010
January 21, 2010

More than 25% of teens think bacon comes from sheep, not pigs.  About 33% think oats grow on trees.

There’s a Utah man who wants MORE time in prison.  He thinks it’ll help him kick his heroin habit.

Man called cops to report that a hooker stiffed him.

Teenaged boys in the hospital for drinking hot sauce that was 200 times spicier than normal.

How’s My Hair?
January 21, 2010

This guy’s accused of breaking into a home, taking a shower, making himself fried chicken, and cutting his hair. The homeowner (what a sweet elderly woman) walked in on his crime and held him there with an umbrella until the cops came. This mugshot didn’t make the version of the story we showed on air this morning.  Click here to read more.

Andy Roddick Interview Interrupted by Animal Sex
January 6, 2010