Bizarre Headlines for Thursday 1/21/2010

More than 25% of teens think bacon comes from sheep, not pigs.  About 33% think oats grow on trees.

There’s a Utah man who wants MORE time in prison.  He thinks it’ll help him kick his heroin habit.

Man called cops to report that a hooker stiffed him.

Teenaged boys in the hospital for drinking hot sauce that was 200 times spicier than normal.


2 Responses

  1. hahaha I love that…Sheep bacon. I’ll have an order of Sheep bacon and tree oats.

  2. oats grow on trees eh? sobering what little the youth know about real food. need a story idea for the morning show? how about a local mom, blogger, public speaker helps houston families feed kids real food. most parents know “what” to feed their kids (more fruit, veggies, grains, healthy fat, etc.) but struggle with “how.” My message is for parents to find a way to RELATE real food with their kids daily activities so they WANT to eat it even if it looks funny or different from the standard american diet.

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