Man Dies in Sauna Championships

He didn’t make it 6 minutes in 110-degree temps. His opponent was burned. Click here to read more.

Guy looks cold


2 Responses

  1. This is surely one of the weirdest games or competition I ever have heard about and I’m glad they stopped it.
    100 degree Celsius is the temperature when water starts boiling. Now would anybody stick it’s finger in a pot with boiling water? I doubt that and those guys are sitting in a sauna heated up to that high temperature. Just Sick!
    It was just a matter of time when this would end fatally for one of the “players”.

  2. There’s already a new guy who’s announced that he’ll be taking over the event and it will be held next year as normal. I’m Finnish myself and I do think that this type of competing isn’t healthy. However… these guys knew what they got into and although a 110 C is a lot, it’s what these people do all the time.

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