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No Pole Dancing Under The Wedding Tent
September 29, 2010

We’re about 10 months late on this one, but it’s hilarious!  You could argue it’s only funny until the point where the bride gets a bloody nose. Eh, it’s funny.

Artists Flip Cop Cars In Protest
September 22, 2010

From Russia: Artists protest police curruption by sneaking out in the night and videotaping themselves turning cop cars on their roofs. Click here to read more

Colombian named as new world’s shortest man
September 7, 2010

He’s 24 years old and 27 inches tall. And now, he’s famous. Click here for more…

PICTURE: Man Drinking Vodka In A Public Fountain
September 2, 2010

Russians urged to smoke, drink more

Click here to read more about the reason behind the picture from 2008. Here’s a hint: It was taken in Moscow, Russia(Courtesy: AFP/File/Alexey Sazonov)

The iPhone Opens Bottles Now!
September 1, 2010