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Benefit for 4 Year-Old Noah Who Has Brain Cancer
February 26, 2011

His story will tug at your heart like no other. The benefit concert is Sunday Night. $5 will go a long way. Please help. Click here for his website Click here for the Facebook event page. And here’s more information.

New Home: Walk Upstairs, Slide Down
February 25, 2011

39 Wives, 94 Kids, & 33 Grandkids
February 23, 2011

Now THAT’s a big family!  Click here to read more

Insect-eating Appliances
February 22, 2011

“Appliances and furniture that feed on insects and dead animals.”  ‘Nuff said.  Click here to read more and watch a video…

Mother Charged With Leaving Baby in Car While Tanning
February 14, 2011


This might say it all: The woman is waitress at a place called “Mugs ‘N Jugs.” Click here to read more