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  1. Announce The Learning Place #4 will be closed Tuesday.

  2. WOW Lauren has a new phone!! She loved her ancient Flinstone cell phone—her husband MUST have bought it for her!! Glad you are up to date girl!!

  3. the de jesus murder, should not be forgotten, they have one of the killers but there is another killer out there, why have they not caught him, and why does the media make quannel x look like hes doing something good protecting a killer, this killer could have killed more people then this, even police officers could have had a life taken, someone needs to shut quannel x up, and i think quannel x thinks he is obama he walks around like he owns pearland, he is just like the killer.

  4. Hi Lauren & Owen

    I generally watch your news and weather before heading to work. I live in Katy and work in downtown, Houston. I take metro everday. However I have been facing and hearing from others as well the bus services to Kingsland is the worst. I have called Metro so many times and expressed my concern.Still did not see any improvement. Esply during bad weather and holiday times when we leave early enough from work we are most certainly going to be standing for hours in the bus stop. Infact this has been going on for almost 2 yrs and seems to be getting worst. Not sure whom to turn to take this up to the next level as every time I ask for a higher official in metro they would not transfer me.

    Is there a way could you guys help & make people realise in Metro how difficult it is getting nowadays just to ride the bus ?

    ( not sure in your website where the link to send the concerns and problems that the public faces )
    Thanking you in anticipation

  5. I watch the morning show every morning while getting ready to go to work. I miss Owen. It seems like he is missing more than he is there. Is he okay?

  6. My wife and I watch every morning, we like that there is alittle humor involved with your news cast.What we would like to see is that when ya’ll have the trivia queston of the day we are given the answer of the question from the day before. We answer (guess) every morning but don’t know if we were right or wrong……

  7. Lauren,
    I was watching the news this morning and you had said that you are not going to miss your mother’s thanksgiving dressing this year. Can you share this recipe with me? I’d like to try something defferent this year. I watch you, Owen, Anthony and of course Jennifer every morning before I go to work. Y’all make my day every morning I like the way y’all are so comfortable with each other. Have a grrreat thanksgiving. :o)


  8. Lauren: Are you pregnant again? I say yes but my husband says no. Who wins? Thanks

  9. Whats up with Jennifer Reyna? Is she ok?

  10. Hi Owen, How are you?? I heard on channel 2 this morning, you mentioned Amyloid and sleep Alzheimers??? Can’t find article please respond

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