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Freeman All Tapped Out!
February 23, 2012

Grabbed this shot of Lauren yesterday at TUTS. She, Anthony, and I were learning a song and dance routine in the spirit of NBC’s hit shows Smash and The Voice. The pic is also on my Instagram feed for those of you who use it. Find me @conflenti.

(see full image)

Flying Car Almost Ready To Takeoff!
July 18, 2011


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Magentic Boy; 50lbs. of Metal Stuck To His Body
May 12, 2011


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Royal Wedding Tattoo Has Wrong Date
May 6, 2011


Click here to read more in The Sun.  There’s also a picture of the guy.

Man in Bra and Panties Accused of Stabbing a Goat
May 4, 2011


A bizarre headline indeed, and you can click here to read more.