Twice a Lottery Winner
June 23, 2009

Earl Fritz is the big winner!
Earl Fritz is the big winner!

Earl Fritz is one of the most famous men in Georgia right now. If it weren’t for good luck, he’d have no luck at all. He won the lottery twice in two weeks! Say Earl, bring some of that to Houston! Click his picture to see the story.


Homer Simpson GPS
June 22, 2009

"Woo hoo! You have reached your destination, and you can hold your head up high, because you are a genius!"

If you thought the voice on your navigation system is obnoxious, why not try the Homer Simpson upgrade? TomTom GPS has it for ya!

Game of Cards Decides Election
June 18, 2009


Mr. McGuire and Mr. Trenk get ready for the card game of a lifetime.

In the town of Cave Creek, Arizona, the final city council seat went to the man who pulled the right card.  With no clear majority in votes, the judge decided to have the candidates settle it the old-fashioned way — with a game of chance.  King of hearts beats 6 of hearts every time!  Click here to read the story.

June 16, 2009

Switzerland Fighting Cows

If anyone, Texans will apreciate this.  A tradition in Switzerland, bovines battle for queen of the village.  The owner is king of the village.  “Judges record every fight as spectators sit on the surrounding mountainside, sipping local wines and cheering their family herd.” Click here to read more.

Traffic Ticket Target?
June 10, 2009

The vehicles with the most apparent violations are…  Scan through this slideshow to see if you own one.  Hummer’s on the list.  Maybe it’s a good thing GM is ditching the brand.  The data were compiled by