Monkey & Parrot Share A Kiss!
October 21, 2010

The monkey also catches a ride on the parrot’s back sometimes. See those pictures and read more about their odd relationship by clicking here.

One Amazing Truck!
July 23, 2010

Thanks to Eva for sending me some pics of this insane truck!  Seems like it’s still just a concept vehicle for Ford.  But if and when they cut it loose to the general population, look out!  Texas will be taken by a Super Chief Storm.

Haircut Conduct in Iran
July 7, 2010

In Iran, men are allowed to expose their hair in public.  Women don’t have that luxury. But the men aren’t totally free. Their hair has to meet certain standards, not to offend the Ayatollah, and they offer classes on it. Click here to read and see more…

Stylish, yet traditional!

Hubble’s Camera is History
May 14, 2009


Excerpt from National Geographic:

“In its final “pretty picture,” the longest-running Hubble Space Telescope camera has snapped the remains of a giant red star (above), NASA announced on Monday. The Wide Field Planetary Camera 2, which NASA hailed as Supercamera in a statement released today, will be decommissioned during the final space shuttle Hubble-repair mission set to launch today.”

Who Let The Ghosts Out?
May 13, 2009


A guy in New Mexico swears he’s “hearing things” at a 180 year-old bar he bought three years ago.  The place was a happening stagecoach stop in the mid 1800’s.  Now, it’s a restoration project for artist Josh Bond.  Problem is, he’s hearing ghosts whispering in his ears and things are falling off the shelves for no reason.  So he did what any rational human would do: he called in the Ghost Hunters!

Click here to read more.