Balloon Boy’s Dad Finds Life on Mars!
August 11, 2010

Remember Richard Heene, the Science Detective? No? Allow me to refresh your memory with this article and his theme song.


Two-Headed Cow
July 31, 2009

Beautiful, isn't she? The owner thinks so.

Beautiful, isn't she? The owner thinks so.

A rare but not unheard of story: A cow with two heads and one brain.  The story about “Jennifer” comes from Bogota, Colombia.  Click here to read more and see video.

Grammar: So Easy a Monkey Can Do It
July 23, 2009


"That script makes no sense!"

So… apparently a monkey can do part of my job — copy editing!  A new study, reported in National Geographic, shows “our genetic relatives can recognize poor grammar.”  We’ve already learned monkeys can form sentences and speak in accents, so this shouldn’t come as a big surprise.  I just hope they don’t learn to read the teleprompter and ad-lib hurricane coverage.

Total Eclipse of The Heart… and the Sun
July 22, 2009

Dude Looked Like a Lady
June 24, 2009

"Yes ma'am.  I mean, uh, sir."

"Yes ma'am. I mean, uh, sir."

A mummy, yes.  A mommy, no.  Researchers did CT scans on a few mummies, more than 2,000 years old. Of all the discoveries, perhaps the most entertaining is that “Mummy of the Lady Hor” was really a man!  The images will be on display at the Brooklyn Museum soon.

Click here to read about the project.

Click here for pictures.

Heard it on 1010 WINS radio out of NYC.  Found the pics on Newsday.